Stories - Black People Vibe

Married Couple
Keith & Tanya

Science of Love

Love ingredients are understanding, communication, & attraction.
young afro american couple walking on urban street
Paul & Joyce

More than Friends

It's been four months & so far and we don’t regret expanding our relationship.
Couple sitting on couch together smiling at camera
Walter & Betty

The Perfect Couple

I wasn't really looking for anything but a good time and it all just made sense.
Portrait Of Young Couple Sitting On Sofa At Home
Tony & Laura

Love You Forever

Mom always said find a love that's forever & I never knew what that meant.
Bride and Groom on Their Wedding Day
Jordon & Gloria

Infinite First Date

Our first date when well and decided to make it official - not that night of course.
Happy smiling couple on white
Harrison & Jayne

Long Distance Love

When you met someone and connect, distance isn't enough to keep you apart.